How To Advertise

It does not matter what you promote. Your #1 priority HAS to be getting traffic. Otherwise, failure is inevitable, no matter how good your product is!

Generation of sufficient quantities of quality, targeted traffic is the one area that ALL marketers struggle with.

If you’ve been around the Internet marketing arena for any length of time, then I’m sure you’ve realized that one single thing stands between every marketer and online success.

That one thing… well, that’s TRAFFIC.

Traffic is the lifeblood of ANY online business and is the driving force behind online sales and money getting… no question about it!

Unfortunately for most Internet marketers, getting traffic is THE roadblock they cannot overcome.

If you have money you can go with: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, Baidu, Yandex Advertising, 7search, Adcash, Propel Media(Former TrafficVance), etc.

Below you will find the different sites I use to generated lot of targeted traffic.

All of them are low/medium cost with great response.

Leased Ad Space

Instantly reach more visitors online, and dramatically increase your daily website traffic using their advanced viral traffic system.

For one flat rate, your ads are delivered to high quality visitors on thousands of pages all across the internet. Plus… all traffic purchasers get a permanent public profile page that they can post their own content to at any time.

This is brand new traffic generating site that will literally blow your socks off!

There is a huge commission opportunity built in as well that will get you paid instant 100% commissions.

Get your website traffic now, and take advantage of everything Leased Ad Space has to offer. You will be utterly amazed!

Traffic For Me

Traffic For Me has created one of the easiest ways of buying traffic for your website. What they essentially do is they work with hundreds of solo ad providers to provide you with the best results at the best price.

One of the best and most unique features about Traffic For Me traffic is that they block bots so you don’t have to worry about getting fake clicks, and believe me it does happen when you buy solos from the wrong person.

They offer 3 different types of traffic: 100% Top 5 Email Traffic, Premium Email Traffic and Mobile Traffic via SMS.

Each is good in it’s own way. It just depends on what you’re looking for as far as a target audience goes.

Rock Solid Traffic

While everybody in the industry fights to find a reliable solo ad seller that delivers quality.

I am sharing this with you as I am sure you will benefit from this little known source greatly.

Visit their site and see for yourself.


If you are sick and tired of searching the web to find quality solo ad vendors you’re definitely in the right place!

Udimi is the best place to find hundreds of high quality solo ad vendors under one roof.

With Udimi you’ll have piece of mind knowing you are buying traffic from solo ad vendors who have your best interest in mind, which is high-quality, affordable traffic.

Udimi has their own quality control system in place so you don’t spend your hard earned money buying junk traffic.

Join for FREE and will get 5$ off your Solo ads.

#1 Goldmine

Maryanne Myers just launched this colossal ad blaster to 338,000 subscriber.

You won’t believe the Eye Poppin’, Jaw Droppin’ absolute power of this.

No click surf, no email ads, no clicking anything, no credits to earn!

Get DIRECT exposure to 338,000+ people with the “COLOSSAL” Blaster.

Remember you will be able to blast to 12 top sites with 338,000 members without the need for credits at those sites! INCREDIBLE

You can use submitters for free, and get an INSTANT text ad to all immediately (no credits on this site & it shows FOREVER)

No wimpy advertising, no wimpy commission plan,
nothing watered down with this! Ride the thunder, feel the power of these huge submitter.

Million Leads For Free

Tight on Budget? Here’s your chance to get 1 Million Double-Opted In, daily verified leads For F*R*E*E!!

At Million Leads For Free every member may post to at least 5,000 leads per day, which equals to 1,825,000 leads for the year!

Pangea Group

Pangea is a crazy, crazy large membership site (120,000+ members) that easily saves your ads in a BUNDLE, and then you just explode them out WITH 1 CLICK!

One click and your banner will populate on the site instantly….

Your email ad will go out instantly to members…. The subject line of YOUR email will populate the site… And best yet… the next person who explodes their ad out, the subject line of YOUR email will go out too along with THEIR email!

— This is where you get a free piggyback, hands-free email advertising!

Make some major moola THREE WAYS on this mega special site. Plus it has a crazy thing called HATCH AN EGG.

It’s Fun!

Traffic G

This is not your typical traffic exchange I have been a member of TrafficG for years and get a ton of traffic from it. It’s the busiest surf site I know of.. over 20,000 people surfed yesterday! Drive free, guaranteed visitors and traffic to any website of your choice!

And the cost of this great service? Absolutely NOTHING – NO catches!

Unique Surfers Yesterday: 20,594 Total Members: 552,511

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