Why You should Definitely Use This System?


Why Web Copy Cat? Long read but worthy!

For now you have been receiving some information about the WebCopyCat program, this a program that I use myself to make money daily.

That’s is why I feel very proud to advertise this program, because I know that if you join us, you too will make money.

I would like to explain what really will you get if you sign up with us, because if you have not signed up yet, is because you have not really grasped what are you getting in your hands.

So let me tell you all about webcopycat program.

If you really want to make money, and I mean a lot of money in your online business, then you need these:


1.- TRAFFIC: Interested people coming to your website or landing page.

2.- A LANDING/OPT-IN PAGE: A page designed to capture people’s email addresses once tey hit your page so that you KNOW they are interested in the topic matter.

3.-AUTO-RESPONDER: Software that captures people’s email addresses and sends them emails automatically (YOUR LIST!!).

4.- INITIAL OFFER (SALES-PAGE): A web-page that offers your new visitor something to buy after they’ve given you their email (opted-in) on your landing/opt-in page.

5.- UPSELL(S) (SALES-PAGES): Web-pages that offer people complimentary products to buy after they’ve bought your first product.

6.- ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS: Other similar stuff to sell to the people who have opted-in (put their email address in your autoresponder) later on.

Puttting item’s #2 – #5 together is called A SALES FUNNEL.


We are going to do everything for you, you just have to send traffic (according to your budget)…And that’s it!!

This is how the gurus are making 6 or 7 figures!, sometimes in one month.

So, do you realize what are you getting? It’s a complete SALES FUNNEL!

This kind of sales funnel easily cost around $1,500.00 or much more. (For a single 5 pages website I charge $2,000).

But this is not all, after you sign up your sales funnel will be ready right away, and then a few days after, you will have access to another sales funnel! how cool is that!

But again that’s not all… besides all the sales funnel, as a member of WebCopyCat program, you will have access to promote several HIGH TICKET OFFERS from selected vendors from JVzoo platform.

These HIGH TICKET OFFERS generate between $300 – $700 or more in commissions for you. Normally in order to have access to promote these kind of offers you have to buy the product/service that cost between $700 – $1,500, as a member of WeCopyCat program you will access to these offers without paying anything, nothing, nada, zilch….again How cool is that!!

And there is more!

Sign up now for $1 trial offer and you will have 10 days to see if this is for you. I bet you will love it!

If you have any questions I’m just an email away..

To your massive success!


Erving Salgado


PS. I make money from my SALES FUNNELS and promoting WebCopyCat program.


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