Why you need an Autoresponder?


Whether you are a Blogger, Internet Marketer or a Business, you need an autoresponder.

What is an Autoresponder?

First let me define what an Autoreponder is. I use Trafficwave to handle my autoresponder service.

What this does is allows me to place a form on my site, blog or landing pages that asks a visitor to give me at least their name and email.

An autoresponder is an email or a series of emails that are automatically sent when triggered. For example, you could set up an autoresponder to automatically send follow-up messages to new subscribers, you can set it up to send an email every day or every two days, once a week, etc.

You can even use them for regular newsletters, online courses, and birthdays.

Autoresponders save time by allowing you to create all the emails beforehand, with the triggers saving you from manual sending. Just compose your emails, select a trigger, and sit back to let the system do the rest.

Benefits of an Autoresponder

The main benefit to using an autoresponder is connected to the fact that the majority of people need to be told about a product seven times before they buy it.

The autoresponder allows you to send whatever quantity of emails you want to set up.

How many people visit your site every month? A few thousands or more?

If you are not collecting the information of a portion of these visitors, you are wasting the the traffic to your website and leaving a bunch of money on the table.

Email is personal and is a great tool to be used to build up relationship with your reader.

You can personalize your email message with their name, country or any other information you collected. This will help to build rapport with your subscribers.

With an Autoresponder, you will be able to communicate with your readers anytime you want in relation to any topic.

For example, if you come across a great tool/information you can broadcast an email with a few sentences to ask them to check out the tool/information. This way, you will save up lots of your time and your subscribers will thank you for your email.

You can monetize your Website with an Autoresponder by promoting affiliate offers, new programs etc. to your subscribers. That is why the old saying “The Money is in the List” is true.

When you know what your subscribers want, all you need is to find it and give it to them. To help them solve their problems.

I highly recommend Trafficwave, you can try it for $1 the first month, and you can make money too promoting it.


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