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Hi, My name is Erving Salgado, and I’m going to show you how to Make Money from Home using the POWER of the Internet and Multiple Income Streams!

Sit back, relax, and take your time looking around. If you’ve come looking for a way to make money online, you’re sure to find it here.

YES, YOU CAN MAKE MONEY That’s why you’re here, and I’m going to help you all I can. I make my living from home and I love it. I earn money through Multiple Income Streams, and you can too.

That’s why I can help you…because I’ve spent thousands of hours and way too much money investigating Internet income opportunities. I’ve made my share of mistakes, and I’ve learned what does and what doesn’t work online.

There are literally thousands of different opportunities available. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed and suffer from information overload if you take it upon yourself to try to personally investigate all of them.

There’s no such thing as a Free Ride on the Internet when it comes to making money. Anyone who’s honest will tell you that it’s work, just like any other job. It takes time and effort, and in most cases, money. There’s no such thing as “Get Rich Quick” either unless it’s something that isn’t legal, and I don’t deal with those types of things!

Over the years, I have been in many different programs and opportunities, and some of those have bitten the proverbial dust. That’s just part of doing business on the ever-changing Internet. If this has happened to you, don’t despair.

There are many great opportunities on the net, and I have listed below a few which have passed my due diligence, are currently paying, and are run by good and honest Admins.

Please take a look at the opportunities below, and if you have any questions, you can email me or connect with me on Skype or Facebook.

These Opportunities Are Highly Recommended!

Before I introduce my best recommended programs to make money online, let me tell you this…..

Why Build an Email List? Four Reasons Why Building a List Should Be Your #1 Priority

As the saying goes, “The money is in the list” Here are four reasons why building an email list should be your #1 priority:

#1 You could rebuild your entire business with just your email list. If you lost everything (your website, your blog, your social media accounts) you could still run your business with just an email list.

#2 You own your email list. No one can ever take it away from you. You don’t own your search engine rankings, or your social media sites. They can be taken away from you at a moment’s notice, completely in accord with the terms of service you signed when you created your account.

#3 Your list can generate massive amounts of revenue within hours. If you treat your subscribers right, every so often, if you really need cash fast, you can pitch them your product or someone else’s product. And they will buy within hours. Don’t do this too often, but it’s nice to have that financial safety net.

#4 Gives you a way to drive traffic to any page you want As your list grows, you’ll find a significant chunk of your website traffic comes from your email messages. At a certain point, you’ll actually be able to run your business without search engine traffic, or any other outside traffic. Your list and referrals will be enough to sustain your business.

So why build an email list? Because You want results!

So, as you can see having an Autoresponder is a must in order to run a successful online business.

Now the best Autoresponder your will ever need is “TrafficWave

Why TrafficWave?

#1 TRAFFICWAVE: has been in business since the year 2000, making it a successful business of 16 years. While thousands of businesses have come and go, TRAFFICWAVE has stood the test of time and continues to deliver a high quality service as well as ongoing weekly and monthly income to it’s members.

#2 Cost: TRAFFICWAVE only has one membership/product cost.. a fixed $17.95 per month. Many other contact management services offer a low cost entry, but as the member’s list grows, so does the monthly cost. TRAFFICWAVE’S members love the fact that they can have 1 or 1 million people on their list(s) and they will always only pay the same low monthly subscription.

#3 Easy to understand: The compensation plan uses one of the most popular and simple platforms in Internet marketing – the matrix. TRAFFICWAVE matrix based compensation plan limits the number of people that can be on anyone’s first level to 3. This simply means that once that first level is filled, all new members fall onto lower levels (this is commonly known as spillover).

#4 This concept builds depth in your organisation and most people know that the lower levels of your matrix are where the bigger commissions come from. In essence, all any member needs to do, is refer just 3 people who do the same (duplication).

So there is no question that TRAFFICWAVE’s services are valuable, but given their compensation plan it’s also a lucrative business (earn up to $88.5K+ each month with a full matrix). Essentially TRAFFICWAVE enables you to get paid for using one of the most important tools in any Internet marketers arsenal.

Now… My PROVEN Money-Makers and HONEST Reviews!


This is one of the easiest way to make money today. Learn how to make money online fast through PayPal using the exact details of a proven and simple turnkey money making system you can use today.

Get access to the exact same reseller website and blueprint I use that allows even complete affiliate marketing failures to make money online through PayPal.

We’ve tested, refined, and optimized this proven, simple turnkey money making system over the past 10 years. Yes, 10 years.

You will have access to your personally affiliate command center that has every tool, resource, swipe copy and even video training to show you exactly how to make boat loads of cash promoting this system.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or even advanced super affiliate. We are giving you everything you need to succeed, and even showing you what to do! You don’t even need any technical skills, just choose a method that you want to use to promote, watch the training video, apply the methods and then sit back as the cash comes in.

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EasyCash4ads Launched in December 2016 and is being touted as the new miracle program of the decade.

Your Days of Failing to Make Money Online Are Officially Over!

Trust me, there’s no way you can NOT make money with EC4A. It’s new, it’s unique, it’s innovative and most of all… it’s highly lucrative.

If you are willing to persevere and put in a few hours work, we can promise you that your eyes will be opened to the easiest money you will ever make in your life.

Get paid every time someone views your ad while at the same time doubling your income over and over without ever lifting a finger after your third sale!

I just can’t get over myself how ridiculously effective this system is. It changes every bit of what you thought about earning in the murky world of Online Advertising.


Astonishing new profit-generating system fattens your bank account even if no one joins your primary business.

Lucrative Traffic is the perfect marriage of targeted traffic sources and profitable affiliate offers forming a complete home-based online business.

Their plug-and-play marketing system builds your downlines and create multiple streams of income.

This is building my downlines like crazy. I use it daily for easy signups and affiliate sales.

THIS is how the heavy hitters do it!


This was created specifically for beginners and helps you accelerate your success faster than almost anything I’ve ever seen.

If you want to make predictable and consistent internet income in 2017, you must have a sales funnel, period.

A converting sales funnel can generate income for you whenever you send traffic to it.

* You do not need to learn anything
* You do not need to write content
* You do not need to create products
* You do not need to write sales letters
* You do not need to do customer service

Thousands of beginners have succeeded with this. CLICK HERE TO START NOW!


ResidualIncomeTV is the premier showcase for anybody actively involved in ANY kind of business online, MLM, Affiliate, Youtube, etc.

The Internet gurus will tell you it can’t be done! They’ll tell you that you can’t effectively promote more than one program at a time. They’ll tell you that you’ll lose your focus – spread yourself too thin. They’ll tell you that instead of MORE sales, you’ll get LESS!

But I’m here to tell you this: Not only CAN you promote multiple programs simultaneously, you MUST promote more than one program at a time!

Here’s why—

It’s a principle called *diversification* As any financial expert can tell you, you should NEVER put all your eggs in one basket. You should ALWAYS be involved in MULTIPLE businesses so that if one business has a problem, then you won’t lose everything you’ve worked for. And goodness knows that companies and programs on the Internet have a habit of *goin’ down the tubes* It’s a fact that 90% of them don’t last more than six months!

But with the remarkable concept I’m going to show you, you’ll be able to—

++ PROMOTE multiple programs (using just one URL!) more effectively and f-a-s-t-e-r than you are currently promoting just one program!

++ COMPLETE all of your marketing chores in only 30 minutes a day! You’ll stop being a slave to your computer.

++ PROTECT yourself from the possibility of just one company going out of business!

Take the FREE tour to find out more…


This is the #1 DONE FOR YOU program specially designed for beginners or people that never have make money online…I use this program myself to make money almost daily.

The hard reality is if you want to really make money online you need the following:


1.- TRAFFIC: Interested people coming to your website pr landing page.

2.- A LANDING/OPT-IN PAGE: A page designed to capture people’s email addresses once they hit your page so that you KNOW they are interested in the topic matter.

3.-AUTO-RESPONDER: Software that captures people’s email addresses and sends them emails automatically (YOUR LIST!!).

4.- INITIAL OFFER (SALES-PAGE): A web-page that offers your new visitor something to buy after they’ve given you their email (opted-in) on your landing/opt-in page.

5.- UPSELL(S) (SALES-PAGES): Web-pages that offer people complimentary products to buy after they’ve bought your first product.

6.- ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS: Other similar stuff to sell to the people who have opted-in (put their email address in your autoresponder) later on.

Putting item’s #2 – #5 together is called A SALES FUNNEL.


WEBCOPYCAT system will make all the above for you… this is the way professionals marketers make 6 figures monthly income and now you can too.


The Easy Cash Code System is a complete system that you can use to not only generate front end income from home, but also to build your primary business on the back-end.

It comes with state of the art done-for-you capture pages, hangout pages and marketing training.

All paid members get full access to these features as well as become instant re-sellers of the system.

Also if you are like me and you like to build “your own list”, just connect your personal autoresponder account to the system so you can build your own subscriber list.

This program is about a year old so it is still fairly new but I think, in my opinion, that it will be here for years to come because of the company owner (which is the most important part).. and the product line is great also.

This company is 100% legit with an awesome founder and great products to back it up. This program can help anyone who’s looking to earn a full time or part time income online. What I like most about ECC is that it’s affordable for anyone, doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor you can get started right away…While other companies cost $100 – $1000 to join… ECC is just $18. One time payment!



The price of a bitcoin surpassed the price of one ounce of gold.

So this poses the question, given the choice, would you buy a bitcoin or an ounce of gold?

Regardless of what you choose, based on continued price increase… people are still happy to buy bitcoin at that price… and thankfully bitcoin is divisible so you can acquire fractions of a bitcoin.

I would like to remind you again of a new site launched by Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark that is one of THE Most Unique I’ve Ever Seen and uses bitcoin as the main driving force!

First of all, they have developed a revenue sharing pool called Surfers Rewards that does NOT pay based on investment but rather on effort.

You Can Earn Revenue Share Even As A Free Member!

Secondly, the Compensation Plan is an absolute FIRST of it’s kind, providing up to 80% commissions to infinity width AND infinity depth with purchase points that vary from as low as $2.39 to as much as $2,386.00. (How would you like to be earning 80% on a $2,386.00 purchase, wow!)

But, most incredible, is that InfinityTrafficBoost will be paying commissions INSTANTLY and Revenue Share Earnings (Surfers Rewards Pool) every 2 weeks.

I truly believe that InfinityTrafficBoost will be a major break out hit in the Traffic Exchange Industry in 2017/2018, delivering top notch visitors to your site and INSTANT Commissions and Daily Revenue Share to your wallet.

Grab your account and start earning bitcoin for free!

And – if something is unclear, please email me, reach me on Skype or message me on Facebook. I might not have ALL the answers, but I WILL be happy to help any way I can.